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Pphu Paker

Pphu Paker (Purchased Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter)

Pphu Paker is a professional agent of corrugated case printing machine in Poland. In 2006, they participated in China Int'l PPI Corrugated & Converting Expo for long-term supplier. They visited many exhibitors and didn't find what they come for. But their eyes were caught when they saw our brochure because of extensive product range.

They came by and communicated with us. After exhibition, they decided to pay a visit to our plant. When arriving at our company gate, they smiled and said that they have visited so many Chinese manufacturers, none of which turned out to be the same with brochures. These factories were small and dirty, rather than being clean and large like brochures showed. However, this time was an exception!

They were highly satisfied by our assembly workshop, processing workshop and advanced equipment. The convincible truth was the strong foundation to win their trust. Finally, they signed the contract to be our agent, and directly made an order of two automatic printers after returning back to Poland. The business volume has been constantly increased ever since.