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Hua Guan Machinery

Hua Guan Machinery (Purchased Longway Printer)

Hua Guan Machinery is a professional agent of corrugated case equipment in Malaysia. In 2005, we met each other in the exhibition held in Shanghai. They were looking for heavy duty carton printing machine for their customers. The maximum sheet thickness needed to be 17mm. However, the available thickness offered by Chinese paper processing manufacturers was 12mm. After two days, their effort was in vain.

Coincidentally, they knew Godo Inter, one of our agents in Thailand, and they also met in the exhibition. So Godo Inter introduced us to Hua Guan. They were happy to know we were equipment supplier of Japanese heavy duty package enterprise Oji Paper Company and Dongguan HHS Heavy Duty Packaging Company.

Then we accompanied them to visit the manufacture basement of Oji in Suzhou. They were delighted to be aware that our machines were capable of handling 35mm of maximum sheet thickness. As a result, they decided to purchase equipment from us. Afterwards, Hua Guan Machinery became and is our agent in Malaysia.