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Selection Guide

Notes on Purchase of Carton Processing Equipment

With the rapid development of economy worldwide, the requirements on package carton are also becoming higher and higher. In the beginning, few words were printed on the outside for illustration. Then more colors were required. Currently, colorful graphics of goods being packaged should be printed on the outside. Sometimes, slotting and flap cutting are forbidden, because of uneven edges. So die cutting is needed.

Therefore, making an optimal selection of processing equipment is the primary factor to meet the increasing needs. Here are some suggestions we offer for reference.

1. If you are engaged in low volume processing of cartons in various kinds, then we suggest normal water-base printer and rotary slotter, as well as the alternative option of normal water-base printer slotter.

2. If the machine is applied to high volume processing of cartons in extensive kinds, you need to choose high speed multi-color printer slotter.

3. If colorful printing and clean cut are required, then high-end printer die cutter is the choice.

4. If cartons are available in normal type and special type, you can use multi-color slotter die cutter.

5. If most are smaller than size of 2000 × 1200mm, and few are in size of 2400 × 1500mm, we recommend the machine of 2000×1200 model. This model is fitted with skip feed and processes two sheets into one carton. It is even applicable to handle 3000 × 1500mm. Therefore, this selection delivers low energy consumption and high efficiency.

6. If there is a large number of paper product in size of 2400 × 1500mm, then the choice needs to be 2400×1500 model. This kind of machine adopts skip feed and also processes two sheets into one carton. It is also capable to handle sheets in larger size. However, if these two sizes, which are 2000 × 1200mm and 2400 × 1500mm, are available in nearly the same amount, then it's better to use two machine models. As a result, users can make the best use of two machines.

In brief, the primary factor is the comprehensive understanding of requirements of customers, because it is the foundation to determine the suitable specifications of cartons to be manufactured. Then the purchase of machine is conducted on the basis of information above and budget.