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Manual Stitcher

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Our manual stitcher is widely used for stitching all kinds of corrugated case. Users benefit from outstanding efficiency and fast performance. Besides, our carton stapler is available in single head and double head, and customers can choose the mode accordingly.

This manual stitcher uses tungsten steel for stapling head and bottom, thus offering utmost durability. The cutting blade and blade carrier are made up of alloy steel, so as to drastically reduce the need of blade replacement and cost.


Data & Model DX-1300 DX-900
Max. sheet length (mm) 1300 900
Max. sheet thickness (mm) 15 12
Stitching wire (mm) 0.8 × 2 0.8 × 2
Power (kW) 0.37 0.37
Data & Model DX-1600 DX-1800
Max. sheet length (mm) 1600 1800
Max. sheet thickness (mm) 15 7
Stitching wire (mm) 0.8 × 2 0.8 × 2
Power (kW) 0.37 0.37

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