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Our die cutter is engineered for manufacture of color boxes, gift boxes and all kinds of irregularly shaped package products. This paperboard processing equipment is able to make bended paperboard flat by its suction assistance device, and transports the sheet to next processing unit.

1. Our paper cutting equipment adopts motorized and manual control, as well as kick bar feed. However, lead edge feed is available upon request.
2. The rolling press is implemented by double rollers, and the this highly efficient die cutter can constantly perform edge cutting, slotting, punching, folding and creasing to paper card and corrugated sheet.
3. The transmission shaft of our cutting device is made up of top grade alloy steel. This kind of alloy steel is being heat treated and grinded, so the Rockwell hardness exceeds 60°.
4. We apply spray lubrication system to all gears for noise reduction and ensuring long service life.
5. Rubber roll and impression roll are manufactured by high-ranking materials. Besides, the grinded surface is chrome plated for utmost hardness.


Data & Model TB-1200×2000 TB-1200×2400
Machine speed (sheets/min) 120 120
Max. sheet size (mm) 2000 × 1200 2400 × 1200
Main motor power (kW) 5.5 7.5
Data & Model TB-1600×2400 TB-1600×2800
Machine speed (sheets/min) 100 100
Max. sheet size (mm) 2400 × 1600 2800 × 1600
Main motor power (kW) 7.5 11
Data & Model TB-2200×3000 TB-2200×3600
Machine speed (sheets/min) 60 60
Max. sheet size (mm) 3000 × 2200 3600 × 2200
Main motor power (kW) 11 15
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