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    1. ZSJL Rotary SlotterZSJL rotary slotter is born with motorized and manual control, as well as kick bar feed. This cutting equipment is capable of slotting, creasing and flap cutting, thus is well-suited for manufacture of all kinds of corrugated case.
    1. SJL Rotary SlotterSJL rotary slotter is the premium equipment for volume production of three-wall, five-wall and seven-wall corrugated case. This carton making machine is capable of creasing, edge cutting, slotting, flap cutting and punching (upon request).
    1. QJ SlotterQJ slotter adopts manual feed. This paperboard processing equipment is capable of slotting and flap cutting, thus well-suited for manufacture of corrugated case.
      QJ slotter is highly distinguished by its outstanding durability, ergonomic design and easy operation.