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Longway Printer

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YS longway printer is made up of stainless steel, and is fitted with motorized control for easy operation. This printing equipment features water-base print, beautiful pattern and fast dry, thus suitable for manufacture of large size carton.

1. Our longway printer employs transducer for speed adjustment, enhancing outstanding energy efficiency and productivity.
2. We install an alarm nearby the motorized control panel, and the alarm constantly rings when the machine is in working condition, whereby ensuring safety of operatives.
3. This corrugated paperboard processing machine uses motorized control device for fine adjustment, thus realizing 360° normal and reverse phase adjustment in conditions of working and stop.
4. When the printing process stops, impression roll automatically moves away from printing plate, thus delivering no damage to the plate. Rubber roll is fitted with automatic idling function to free ink from being dry during stop condition.
5. This longway printer features electronic counter to correctly control the printing number.
6. The transmission gear adopts highly efficient spray lubrication system, resulting in lower noise production and longer service life.
7. Optional creaser is available to this flexo printing device, thus being capable of water-base printing, slitting and creasing in a raw.


Data & Model YS-1400 YS-1600 YSDG-3300 YSDG-4000
Max. printing area (mm) 1970 × 1400 2470 × 1600 3230 × 2400 3930 × 2400
Max. sheet size (mm) 1970 × 1550 2470 × 1750 3230 × 2550 3930 × 2550
Min. feeding length (mm) 400 400 600 750
Max. board thickness (mm) 12 12 12 12
Printing plate thickness (mm) 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2
Printing speed (sheets/min) 0-60 0-60 0-50 0-50
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