Flexo Printer Slotter

This CE marked flexo printer slotter is manufactured in strict compliance with European Union safety requirements. The machine is born with optimal structure, dependable pneumatic devices and sophisticated electronic control system. Therefore, we are offering the world the perfect combination of mechanism, pneumatics and electric control.

Our flexo printer slotter consists of five units including feeder, printer, slotter, die cutter and stocker. We use spray lubrication system and balance system of lubrication circuit, as well as touch screen PLC (programmable logic controller). Variable frequency drive control is applied to its main motor, blower fan and servo motor.

The electric motor in slotter is used to adjust dimension of flexo case. The motor delivers easy operation and maintenance, as well as higher automation and outstanding productivity, thus being applicable to a wide range of production needs.

Related Names
Carton Printing Machine | Die Cutter | Flexographic Printer

    1. K1 Large Size Flexo Printer SlotterThis carton maker adopts either lead edge feed or kick bar feed, and the control is computerized and motorized.
      Key-free connecting ring is used for abrasion reduction and promotion of printing precision.
    1. K4 Flexo Printer Slotter

      K4 flexo printer slotter is mainly applied to volume production of mid to low-end corrugated case in mid to small size. This box maker is designed for manufacturers of mid to small sized cartons that are applicable to package of food, drinks, ceramic and medicine.


    1. K6/K7 Flexo Printer Slotter with Vacuum Transfer

      K6/K7 flexo printer slotter comes with vacuum transfer in printer unit. This most significant feature permits printing plate pattern to be free from being damaged by pull rolls and enhances printing accuracy. The paper product making equipment is built for volume production of mid to high-end corrugated cases in mid to small size.


    1. K2 Automatic Flexo Printer SlotterK2 automatic flexo printer slotter has spray lubrication system which drastically reduces noise while maximizes service life. This corrugated case maker also adopts motorized and manual control, as well as kick bar feed. As a result, this boxing machine is suitable for volume production of mid to low-end carton in mid to small size.
    1. K3 Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter

      This paper product making machine is capable of printing, slotting and die cutting, and also handling thin and bended paper board.
      We use top grade material and parts for manufacture of this corrugated carton maker. Its key-free connecting ring drastically reduces abrasion and prolongs service life, resulting in continuously stable printing.


    1. K8 Fixed Structure Flexo Printer SlotterThe most prominent advantages of this carton gluer machine lie in the capacity of non-stop working and lateral adjustment of printing cylinder. Vacuum conveyor is applied in the whole production line, thus keeping the printing plate free from damage, and promoting printing accuracy.
    1. K9 Flexo Printer Slotter with Servo Motor DriveThe function of manufacture information storage and retrieval drastically reduces order setting time, thus maximizing productivity. This packing line is well-suited for volume production of high-end carton in mid to small size which can be applied for package of food, medicine and drink, etc.
    1. LKYS Flexo Printer Slotter

      LKYS flexo printer slotter is fitted with chain feeder, and is capable of continuously implementing functions including water-base ink printing, slitting, creasing, slotting and flap cutting. Therefore, this high speed printing machine has been proved to be ideal for production of low-end corrugated case in small amount.