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Flexo Case Maker

The flexo case maker integrates printing, slotting, die cutting, gluing, and counting functions. It features computerized and motorized control, and supports storage and recovery of processing parameters, which largely reduces parameter setting time and maximizes the production efficiency.
Our range of flexo case maker can be used in combination with various models of flexo printer slotter, so as to meet clients' demands on manufacturing different types of corrugated carton.

    1. KL8 Flexo Case Maker

      As a result, the productivity is extremely maximized. Meanwhile, this box making machine is characterized by the function of production information storage and retrieval, which drastically reduces the time of repeat configuring.


    1. KL9 Flexo Case MakerThe transmission gear is made up of high-ranking alloy steel. This kind of steel is carburized, quenched and grinded, thus the Rockwell hardness exceed 60°. Meanwhile, all the electronic components are purchased from Siemens and other European suppliers.